Don't Go Too Fast

  • Vanilla Ninja

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Don't Go Too Fast - TEKST PIOSENKI

Destination nowhere land
Let us find a place where heartaches end
It's good to hold you tight
Just make me surrender
Come on in and find out baby
We got time and hope and dreams enough
So don't you hurry love

Oh baby babe don't go too fast
Feel the rhythm of my heart
Don't you go for everything
I'm not a puppet on a string
Baby babe don't go too fast
Play it cool and make it last
Baby let your feelings flow
Just take it easy get it slow
Love can be so beautiful
Feel the rhythm of my heart

It's a now or never night"
Baby don't you try to break my pride
I've got magic words:
Together forever
Take away the spell of darkness
Baby come into my world of fears
To kiss away my tears



Take a chance on me tonight
Baby look inside of me (and) you'll see
The flames of destiny

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