Don't You Realize

  • Vanilla Ninja

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Don't You Realize - TEKST PIOSENKI

Remembering the things you said
Right before you slammed the door on my face
You said you hate me and this place
And now I'm lying in my bed
I regret that I met you after all
Can't love you anymore

Listen to me
Just a second, look at me
Can you feel
My pain, my loneliness
But I won't cry
(I promise I won't cry)
Still... don't you realize?

Thinking about the time we had
I wouldn't say that I want it back
But really I do
The things we did together, we laughed
We cried, we had our bad times
And it's all over now


You whispered my name (whispered my name)
You said you're back in the game
But I won't take you back (I won't I won't)
Don't you realize I won't?


Don't you realize?
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